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Kelingking Beach

Stunning Beach View This white sandy beach has extremely amazing view with high cliffs and seems like a pinkie finger thatʼs why this place named kelingking beach. The sands which is rarely stepped on, if you wanna feel the sand you need to preparing your power and adrenaline to pass the extreme way. Further down from the restaurant is what could be considered the main viewing point. From here you can enjoy the view all the way down to the beach.

Broken beach

What a stunning beauty nature views is located at Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Island, which is very unique place to visit. There are a land seems like the bridge between the beach, from the top it looks like super big natural pool with high cliff around. From the edge of the Cliff you will see the incredible ocean views with row of cliffs around. Legend tells the broken beach was a village which is fell down and forming a circle.This beach has amazing and unique views which can’t find in any places in the world and if you are lucky you can see a lot of stingrays and some sea turtles.

Angelʼs Billabong

Angel's Billabong often called Angel of Nusa Penida is located at Sompang not to far from Pasih Uug (broken beach), this place is actually a stunning natural pool between the high cliffs on the side that happened when the sea is rough. At low tide you can actually get down to swim in the crystal clear water . The beauty of Angel's Billabong is visible from the cliffs are beautiful and have a meeting estuarine water clear beaches that appear greenish. Enjoy your fabulous views.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is the best place to do snorkeling , because this beach has crystal clear water as the name and protected from large waves. You can enjoying the amazing view while sun bathing, also you can climb the cliff on the side of the beach to see the views from the top. Crystal bay is also one of tourist destination and is said to be one of tourism belle on the island of Nusa Penida with white sandy and coconut trees around, such a stunning beautiful place to visit.

The Hill Teletubbies

The Hill Teletubbies is a unique place to visit. In this place your eyes will be spoiled by the green hills and you can enjoy the fresh atmosphere of beauty nature. The hills looks green when the rainy season and barren on the dry season.

Puncak Mundi Hill

Puncak Mundi Temple is located at the peak of Mundi Hill that is 529 meters above sea level which is the highest point , at Klumpu Village, Nusa Penida. You can enjoy the cool breeze and fresh atmosphere in this place. Puncak Mundi has rich historical value, full of mystery and highly recommended for spiritual journey lovers. On the way to the temple, visitors can also see the facilities of alternative energy, wind turbines and solar panels. The turbine is also located on the other hill, but overall its function is less than optimal.

Guyangan Waterfall

Guyangan waterfall is one of the most extremely amazing place, to reach the waterfall we have to step down the stairs with extreme fields. On the way, your eyes will be spoiled with infinity ocean views with amazing canyon. When you reach the waterfall you will see the water reservoirs which can drink directly, and you can enjoy the spectacular views . During the dry season the water does become scarce and the waterfall sometimes threatens to stop. In this place also we can find very sacred temple which devoted to worship to “Nyi Roro Kidul” which is in balinese faith is the queen of the sea. Guyangan Waterfall is unique in the fact that the water roars down the cliffs is goes directly out into the Indonesian ocean after it filters through the pools.

Atuh beach

The Atuh beach is located in the beautiful bay which is truly amazing place with white sandy and Cristal clear water. To reach down the hill to get the beach is quite steep, but all your effort and energy will be paid with pleasure….what a stunning views. The natural cave and swallow nest can found on the side, in the middle of the beach there is a island which completed the incredible views and there are nice chairs to lay down and and food and drinks being provided by locals.

Molenteng treehouse

Molenteng treehouse is located nearby Atuh beach which has extremely amazing views From the top of the treehouse you can see the stunning views of row of islands and high rising cliff on the side which completed the beautiful of Molenteng treehouse.

Goa Giri Putri

Goa Girl Putri is the most unique temple which is located in the biggest cave in Bali. This temple is located at an altitude of 150 meters above sea level with the cave entrance. To get there, you have to step up the stairs uphill until arrive at the entrance, you will pass very small way to get in. When you get in the cave you will surprising how big the cave is, the cave itself has a length of approximately 310 meters and there are 6 places of worship in it. This place is very sacred, highly respected, and full of spiritual vibe. You will never ever see any cave temple like this, very beautiful and fantastic. To quit you will through in another side of the cave.

Perasi Beach

Perasi beach is great place for swimming and snorkeling, this beach has clear water and calm currents. In this place you can find the seaweed fields owned by local. This beach is across to Lembongan island

Toyapakeh Beach

Aivak, North of central SwedenToyapakeh beach is a beach with long coastline, which has beautiful view and you can enjoy the view of Agung Mountain from here. In this place you will see the seaweed fields and daily villager activity.